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The late reverend Harbottle was not what he seemed, as the gun and the antique German doll containing a micro-film,found in his belongings testify. In fact he was a member of Bibliotek, outwardly a religious organization but actually a front for a global crime syndicate. Posing as a man of the cloth, Steed enters their ranks and discovers a plot by certain factions to kill their leader, the bishop of Winnipeg. When the bishop perishes, Steed finds himself up against his deputy,gun-toting Sister Johnson.
"The Little Wonders" really is a bizarre affair, chiefly remembered as the only episode in which Steed kisses Cathy Gale, who seems to have enjoyed it (even licking her lips after doing the deed!) A Mafia-like organization disguises its members as clerics, but the current leader, who calls himself the Bishop of Winnipeg (David Bauer, later seen in "The Girl from Auntie"), is looking for his flock to choose his successor. Replacing a "reverend" caught at the airport, Steed takes his place at the meeting, with Cathy Gale forced to act as his girlfriend, allowing him to kiss her without guilt (not bad!) As Sister Johnson, packing a mean machine gun, Lois Maxwell makes for a memorable villainess, fresh off the second James Bond feature, "From Russia with Love." Kenneth J. Warren, last seen in "Intercrime," again proves an excellent villain, conspiring with Steed to take over the organization behind the Bishop's back. Tony Steedman returned in "False Witness," and Frank Maher returned for "The Bird Who Knew Too Much" and "You Have Just Been Murdered."
This episode sees Steed and Mrs Gale working to bring down Bibliotek, a crime organisation described as &#39;The Commonwealth&#39;s answer to the Mafia&#39; whose senior members appear in the guise of clergymen. Their leader, the &#39;Bishop of Winnipeg&#39; is preparing to find his replacement so has called senior members to meet to discuss the matter. One such member is the Reverend Harbottle from Rhodesia. Steed takes his place claiming that before his recent death Harbottle named him as his replacement. Meanwhile Mrs Gale takes a doll that was found in Harbottle&#39;s possession to be repaired and is surprised by the £20,000 bill. Steed soon realises that there are factions within Bibliotek vying for the leadership, each wanting his support.<br/><br/>This episode was rather fun; I liked the idea of criminals travelling in the guise of clergymen. Steed&#39;s undercover persona, &#39;known to his friends as Johnny the Horse&#39;, was enjoyable. The various villains are good characters; most notably the machinegun toting Sister Johnson… played impressively by Lois &#39;Miss Moneypenny&#39; Maxwell. The subplot involving the doll was intriguing, especially when the repair bill arrives. The cast does a fine job bringing their characters to life. Overall this was a solid episode that I really enjoyed.

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